Lydia Bushby literally grew up in her mum’s garden, coming from a horticultural family. All her childhood memories are of snail races, stealing peas, making mud pies but most importantly sowing the seeds of her very own higgledy piggledy patch of flowers. For Lydia, her passion for flowers has kept her rooted.

In 2001, Lydia moved to West Cork and while selling strawberries in farmers markets, she decorated the stall with flowers from the garden… the interest in the flowers on the stall sowed the seed… sorry for all the puns! From there Lydia hasn’t looked back, in 2009 she gave up her job and dedicated herself to producing all the flowers she possibly could. Lydia knows all her plants personally, and takes huge satisfaction in seeing them bloom, from seed to vase, it is a personal triumph to see them thrive.


Natasha Pike is a successful visual artist who has always had a love of plants and the beauty of growing flowers. She has travelled far and wide pursuing her art, with a painting in the OPW’s collection and another printed onto fabric to go down the runway at New York fashion week.

Yet, having grown up knowing all the names of the flowers in the hedgerows she has always had something growing somewhere! From picking sweet pea’s with her great aunt or sewing tea bags in the hope of sprouting a ‘tea tree’, to growing tomato plants and cosmos on her window box in Berlin. She began working with Lydia in 2016 where her artistic experience and creative dynamism lends another dimension to the team at Vintage Cut Flowers.