Autumn Wedding Flowers in Cork

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My favorite time of year, Autumn is a time of bounty. All the summers hard work has come to fruition and now as mother nature starts to wind down and prepare for the hibernation of winter, she gives us one last show. If someone was to imagine an autumnal scene, It would be falling leaves, pumpkins, blackberries, collecting wood, an open fire. Autumn seasonally provides us with a colour pallet not at any other time of year. As the leaves on the trees transform to luscious autumn colours often the flowers reflect this seasonal change, roses colours mute, scabious ruffles soften.  I most love  collecting fallen leaves of reds and yellows and browns to use in arrangements, finding berries and hips that hang like Faberge jewels. I love being able to introduce elements that one might never otherwise use. Autumn wedding flowers in Cork are beautiful.

Autumn wedding flowers by Lydia Bushby

Autumn is a special time of year…


For me autumn is a special time of year, as all else fades and the summer annuals have given their all, along come the last crusaders, the flowers that show you their is new life yet. Asters, Zinnias and Dahlias with their vibrant colours just keep coming. Chrysanthemums start in earnest, a deliberate flowers with the purpose to wow! My relentless roses are a constant, their colours becoming more subtle. Some annuals hold the fort too like Scabious, Ameranthus, Ammi Majus and Antirrhinum to name a few.