Flowers for Summer Weddings

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Oh the luxury of summer! Warm sunny days (we hope!), long evenings, and time together with family and friends, its a time of year you can only but love. Summer time in the gardens looks just fab, so many flowers, in every shape, size and colour imaginable. The scents that cloak every corner of the garden are heady, you can never quite breathe in deeply enough to capture all that scent. There is no better time to marry, summer is for celebrating, the abundance of flowers available is limitless. Every colour has within, a spectrum of shades and textures. Even the most complex of colours or themes can be catered for in the summer months.

Summer Wedding Flowers by Lydia Bushby



A Rich Tapestry of Summer Flowers

Such a rich tapestry available in summer, from the statuesque and sumptuous roses and Delphiniums, to the romantic and dainty Larkspur and Ammi. Growing over 30 rose types, including old-fashioned English roses by David Austin, specially selected by me for their form, colour and scent. Summer annuals really come into their own now with Cosmos and Sweet pea exploding out of the tunnels. I grow plenty of commonly known plants for cutting but also enjoy growing some ‘off the beaten track’ flowers. Taking inspiration from the Victorians who adored their flowers, I enjoy finding antique, out of fashion flowers to grow, just because the commercial floral industry doesn’t like them doesn’t mean they don’t have a place in the most bespoke wedding! There are so many flowers in the summer all calling ‘pick me!’ you could never say you were stuck for choice.