Flowers for Winter Weddings

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Winter weddings to me evoke images of  lush velvet and fur, evergreens and berries, a hot toddy and hearing the last autumnal leaves crisp under your foot. If winter is your wedding season, and you wish to keep your flower selection seasonal, you might think that you have a limited choice. This in part is true, yes perhaps there isn’t the selection that you might have in summer, but don’t let this dishearten you. I like to dry my flowers where possible, these make fabulous winter wedding bouquets. There is a huge selection of evergreens in the garden, so many textures to play with, cones and nuts, mosses and feathers and not forgetting berries of course! We can let our imagination run riot in winter, anything goes.

However if keeping it seasonal isn’t your priority, then we can buy in your flowers and then your choices broaden, I like to try and keep my importing of flowers to a minimum and will source flowers from Europe where I can. Still maintaining a winter theme, using my own  seasonal foliage, with a few fresh flowers entwined, is all you need to create that magical wintery wedding.

Flowers for a Wedding in Winter by Lydia Bushby